Cast Molded Technology
Hydrophobic Intraocular lenses

Negative Asphericity
Notches for Easy Manipulation

PFS Trypan Blue

Simple to use

Ophthalmic &
Medical Disposable

CE-certified manufacturer of intraocular lenses,
knives and cannulas, viscoelastics, BSS,
cataract kits and ophthalmic instruments


    • 23 MAR 17
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    Company Profile

    Company Profile

    Sidapharm Greece was founded in 2000 and is a CE Certified European Manufacturer of Ophthalmic and Medical Disposables based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Sidapharm Greece manufactures a very wide range of high quality products, including but not limited to Intraocular Lenses (IOLs), Ophthalmic Microsurgical Knives, Opthalmic Cannulas, Opthalmic Solutions (BSS, Trypan Blue, Carbachol) and Viscoelastics (SodiumRead more →

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