Cast Molded Technology

Negative Asphericity
Notches for Easy Manipulation

Medicel Preloaded

Hydrophobic IOL

Ophthalmic &
Medical Disposable

CE-certified manufacturer of intraocular lenses
knives and cannulas, viscoelastics, BSS,
cataract kits and ophthalmic instruments


PFS Trypan Blue

Simple to use

  • Intraocular Lenses

    Our intraocular lenses provide excellent preception of colours and overall better vision, with proven effectiveness.
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  • Ophthalmic Knives

    Our state-of-the-art design allows for enhanced control and precision, delivers great sharpness and european quality.
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  • Hemostatics

    Absorbable hemostatics suitable for use in all types of surgery, stop bleeding fast and effectively
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    • 06 OCT 20
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    Donation to local schools

    Donation to local schools

    Sidapharm continues its efforts to support the National Health system and also our fellow citizens, especially during this pandemic by donating 2000 face masks to cover the needs of the children and educators in local schools. You can read the whole article in Greek hereRead more →

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