Intraocular Lenses

Embracing the constant need for development and improvement Sidapharm’s Intraocular Lenses result in an innovative and high-quality product.


Thoroughly inspected for their resolution, diopter, surface quality and dimensions they provide excellent perception.


After SIDA-LENSTM implantation recipients enjoy optimal optical outcome.


The IOLs are accompanied by an injector and cartridge which is manufactured in France and can be smoothly implanted through a small 2.2 mm incision



They provide excellent perception of colors and overall better vision, with proven effectiveness by all of our satisfied clients. Doctors enjoy maximum predactability, ease and reliability during surgical implantation , while recipients return to their normal activities quickly and with excellent vision

  • Sidapharm IOLs are cast molded ,bio-compatible and  UV-radiation absorbing and have extremely low PCO rates
  • Diopter range: from 0.0 to +40.0 , in 0.5 increments